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Weekly Classes

Irish dance is great cross over training for all other sports, so encourage your child to give it a try.

Our classes meet every Tuesday at our studio located in the basement meeting room of the Butte Public Library. We average four classes per month, with additional practices prior to a performance. Our main performances are St. Patrick's Day and An Ri Ra Gaelic Festival. Most of our shows are performed with live music from our hometown Irish band, Dublin Gulch. 


Fairies & Leprechauns

Tuesdays    4:00 - 4:30


Novice I, II, & III

Tuesdays     6:45 - 8:00


Beginner I & II

Tuesdays     5:45 - 6:45



Tuesdays     8:00 - 9:30


Intermediate I & II

Tuesdays     4:30 - 5:45

Interested in joining the Tiernan Irish Dancers? Click to learn more & register...

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